class sciwing.cli.sciwing_interact.SciWINGInteract(infer_client: sciwing.infer.interface_client_base.BaseInterfaceClient)

Bases: object

This cli helps in interacting with different models of sciwing


Interact with the user to explore different models

This method provides various options for exploration of the different models.

  • See-Confusion-Matrix shows the confusion matrix on the test dataset.
  • See-Examples-of-Classification is to explore correct and mis-classifications. You can provide two class numbers as in, 2 3 and it shows examples in the test dataset where text that belong to class 2 is classified as class 3.
  • See-prf-table shows the precision recall and fmeasure per class.
  • See-text - Manually enter text and look at the classification results.


class sciwing.cli.s3_mv_cli.S3OutputMove(foldername: str)

Bases: object

__init__(foldername: str)

Provides an interactive way to move some folders to s3

Parameters:foldername (str) – The folder name which will be moved to S3 bucket
static ask_deletion() → str

Since this is deletion, we want confirmation, just to be sure whether to keep the deleted folder locally or to remove it

Returns:An yes or no answer to the question
Return type:str

Goes through the folder and gets the choice on which folder should be moved

Returns:The folder which is chosen to be moved
Return type:str

Interacts with the user by providing various options